Tomatoes are easy to grow as long as you have a satisfactory place to grow them in the summer. All they need are a place which is sheltered, sunny, with ok soil and some water now and then.

Some tomato varieties can grow with many stems from the root as a shrub, other varieties have a main stem and during the growing season you pick away the small shoots that come in leaf axils between the main stem and leaves. (See photos at the bottom of this article). There are also tomato varieties that you can grow overhanging in a hanging basket.

The main reason to grow your own tomatoes is that they taste so much better than the ones you buy at the store!

I have used a plastic container from some foodstore which I washed and filled with normal good soil (bought in a bag to avoid weeds and diseases). Then I pat or shake the soil a little together. I make labels from the inside of a washed, empty milk carton. I mark it with name and date.

Sowing three types of tomatoes in a small box to save space indoors.

Sowing three types of tomatoes in a small box to save space indoors.

I use a thick pencil to create some “straight” furrows to add seeds in. The seeds are placed with a little distance. Make sure they are not too deep!

Then I sprinkle some “Vermucilite” over the seeds. It retains moisture and prevents fungus and rot. It can be purchased at most places they sell plants and seeds. Then place the box some place bright and warm. Place them cool and light when the seeds has sprouted. If the seedlings are placed too dark and hot, they grow long and pale with low resistance to disease and drought.


Vermucilite on top of the seeds to keep away fungus and retains moisture. Cover with a plastic bag.

When they has got their usual leaves (after the two seed leaves that are the first two), you can plant them individually.


Lift some of the tomato plants gently out of the box, and separate individual plants from the bunch.

I always plant them deeper than they stood in the seed box and then press the soil gently around the small tomato plant. Water thoroughly.


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